What To Expect

We know what it's like to try anything for the first time - the curiosity, the anxiety, the questions... So, since we were once first time guests too, we have come up with some questions you might have before visiting us.

1. Where and when are the church's services?

We are located at 120 Kroemer Avenue in Riverhead, next to Planet Fitness. We have 3 services each Sunday morning at 8:30am, 9:45am & 11am with our kids klub children's ministry running during each service:)

2. What kind of church is this?

We are a non-denominational, independent Christian Church historically tied to the Restoration Movement, famous for such sayings as, 'we are Christians only, not the only Christians' and 'no creed, but Christ'. This means that people with different backgrounds (Catholics, Protestants, the spiritually curious but skeptical, atheists, etc.) are invited to know Jesus at our church. North Shore is a place where both Christians and those who consider themselves spiritual inquirers can learn and grow in their walk with God. It's a place for people who are wondering if God could be the answer to some of life's tough questions. It's also a place where people who have decided to follow Jesus can continue to grow in their walk with God. It's a place to hear about God's amazing gift of love for you and why it's so important that we share that love with the people around us. You can learn even more about who we are and where we came from by attending a Launch Point class!

3. What should I wear?

Something comfortable! We are pretty informal, though some fancy themselves fashionably savvy!

4. How long will each service last?

55-60 minutes. All 3 of them. We're good, like that.

5. What will the service be like?

Practical. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and a doughnut or bagel and bring it to your seat! During worship services we participate in singing pretty cool music together, hear a practical message aimed at real life issues and take communion together each week. Communion is a time during our service when people who believe in Jesus take bread and juice and remember the reason Jesus loves us all so much. It can also be a time for people who still aren't sure about Jesus to enjoy a few moments of peace and thank God for his love.

6. Will I have to say anything, sign anything, give anything, or be singled out in any way?

Rest assured that you won't be put on the spot, singled-out or embarrassed. Though we do receive an offering, it is not mandatory. We believe giving is an act of worship and God uses the money we collect each week to do some pretty amazing stuff. Click here to see! We do like to collect some basic information from people on the Care & Communication Card in your bulletin, but if you'd prefer not to, that's alright with us. For security reasons, we require some basic information if you decide to put your child(ren) in one of our kids klub, age appropriate environments.

7. What about my kids - do they come in with me, or is there something going on for them?

Our Kids Klub provides loving care and Biblical lessons during all 3 services in classes from birth up to 5th grade and it ROCKS!  Click here for Kids Klub.

8. Is this a Christian church, or something else?

Non-traditional in style, we are a non-denominational Christian Church that is committed to the eternal truths of the Bible. Our vision is simple - to create a healthy, contagious community of Christ followers. 

Do you have additional questions about what to expect?  Email info@nscchurch.org