Planning Center

So, you serve at North Shore and have been invited to join "the planning center!"  What is it?  How does it work?  Where did it come from?  The Planning Center company has been around for a very long time and serves churches all across the country.  You can read about them by clicking here.  Listed below are some videos we've put together to address some common questions people have about using and managing the planning center.  The first time you are invited to the planning center you will need to have access to the internet and it will involve a lot of typing, so a laptop/personal computer might be best.  Once you get a password set up, there are 3 ways to access the planning center.  You can log in to the planning center online right from a computer, through your mobile device's browser (safari, google chrome, etc.) or you can download an App from your device's App store called Planning Center Services.  The mobile app videos listed below use an iPhone but it looks pretty similar on other devices, as well.

  • Passwords Part 1:

    CLick the picture to learn how to set or reset your password

    You don't need to ask the church office to help you reset your password!  You can do it just by following these simple steps from your home computer:)

  • Passwords Part 2: 

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN How to Use one email address for multiple people

    this video will show you how to use ONE email address and password for multiple people in your family.  You can also use this process to use ONE email address and then follow the video above to set a DIFFERENT password for each family member.  The choice is yours:)

  • PCS Online Tutorial Part 1:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN how to Edit Your Profile

    Update your profile informations AND CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE! so fancy!

  • PCS Online Tutorial Part 2:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN how to Answer Your Emails and find your schedule

    See how to answer requests from your email and find your schedule on the website.

  • PCS Online Tutorial Part 3:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN how to find Lessons, Files and attachments

    Learn how to view your lesson plans and watch the Bible story videos and worship videos and find your song files if you're on the worship team.

  • PCS Online Tutorial Part 4:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN HOW TO find and set Scheduling Preferences

    Currently, you can only set your scheduling preferences online.  Learn how to set scheduling preferences so you don't have to worry that we will make you serve every service of every week that you haven't blocked out.

  • Mobile App Part 1:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN HOW TO respond to Requests and find lessons on your mobile device

    The basics of using your mobile app to answer requests, locate your schedules, lesson plans or practice tracks.   If you don't have the mobile app, you can download it from your phone's app store.  Search: planning center services and log in with your email/password you use on your computer.

  • Mobile App Part 2:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN HOW TO blockout dates on your mobile device

    Simple how to about how to block out dates right from your phone using the mobile app

  • Mobile App Part 3:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN HOW TO delete blocked out dates, edit your profile and receive text reminders instead of emails (if your network carrier provides this service) on your mobile app.

    Some people ask how to delete blocked out dates.  Here it is!   Also learn how to edit your profile info AND receive text reminders instead of emails:)

  • Mobile App Part 4:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN HOW TO sleep well knowing you are getting all your emails

    A lot of people tell us that they're just not sure if they're really getting all of our emails asking them to serve.  Well, there is a queue of EVERY email sent between us and you.  Watch this video to know how to find that queue on your own phone and have everlasting peace of mind.  You can see the past 3 months worth of communication.

  • Mobile App Part 5:

    CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN tricky things like following arrows and file management

    Some advanced info on navigating the app and managing downloaded files that take up space on your phone.