The Guest Services Ministry

The Guest Services Ministry serves the church and if that sounds scary, trust us, it's not! If you can hold a communion tray with 2 hands, you can serve God! If you can rip the top off a box of doughnuts, you can serve God! If you can hand someone a piece of paper and say "Good Morning" you can serve God!

So what is The Guest Services Ministry all about? The Guest Services Ministry team is the backbone of our church!  They make coming to church comfortable. They make being at church enjoyable! And best of all, they make finding this church unforgettable! The Guest Services Ministry is a welcoming, consistent group of people who keep our Sunday morning services happening. They're the first people you see when you walk in the building. They're hiding in the back waiting to bring you communion. They're up earlier than anyone getting the communion ready for the church on Sunday mornings.  They're out in the middle of the week getting things ready for our Sunday morning gatherings. Without this group of people there wouldn't be any doughnuts, bagels, coffee, welcome bags, offering, communion, bulletins and on Christmas Eve, no candles to light!

Each week from Sunday to Saturday this amazing group of people serve the church and help make North Shore feel like a place where you belong! If you never thought of yourself as someone who "goes to church" then serving in Guest Services  might be right for you! If you never thought of yourself as someone who could serve the body of Christ, then Guest Services is perfect for you. And YOU can be a part of this awesome team! Just see Jerry on a Sunday morning or email him now to join this ministry.

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