Kids Klub

Kids Klub is meeting during the Sunday Morning 11am service only

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Kids Klub is the Children's Ministry at North Shore Christian Church and is made up of 3 environments: Nursery, PK and Kids Time.

Our Mission is to show all of the children of North Shore Christian Church how to love Christ and each other.

We Value security, safety, relationships, fun and Bible based learning. 

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  • Kids Time

    This environment is for 1st - 5th graders.  Through games, awesome music, discussion and prayer, this age group focuses on how God can help us make good choices.   At every service, kids have an opportunity to connect with each other and the room's leader.  We are currently using Orange's 252 Curriculum for this environment. 

  • PK (3 year olds - Kindergarten)

    In our PK environment, 3 year olds through kindergartners spend each Sunday learning that God made them, God loves them and Jesus wants to be their friend forever!  Super cool, sing-a-long worship videos get them moving and engaging videos with their favorite cartoon friend Ollie keep them interested all while learning about God! Then, an array of interactive activities keep them busy throughout the whole hour long service!  We are currently using Orange's First Look curriculum for this environment. 

  • Nursery (birth - 2 years)

    Our nursery environment is for infants through their 2nd year.  It is a safe and fun place for your baby during service. With jumpers, swings, seats, mats and toys the youngest baby to the most curious crawler/walker is sure to have a great time. And yes, even in the nursery your child is exposed to the idea that Jesus loves them!  We use a very simple month long theme from Orange's First Look curriculum for this environment. 

Who Cares For My Child?

Each environment is staffed with people who attend our church and all of them have been approved by our ministry staff.  All adults, 18 & over, have had a general background check for safety provided by our insurance, prior to being approved. Each worker is required to attend an annual team meeting to guide them in helping care for your child(ren).  Each worker is a volunteer, learning what it means to serve and care for others in a real way.