Planning Center

So, you serve at North Shore and have been invited to join "the planning center!"  

Download the Planning Center Services app on your smart phone

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Android = Google Play

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You can read about PCS by clicking here.  

Click on the picture with the following topics to watch the video tutorial.

  • Video 1: Creating A Password

    (Forgot My Password)

  • Video 2. Using One Email Address For Multiple People

  • Video 3. Update Your Profile

    Update Your Contact Information

    Add A Profile Picture

    Receive Text Notifications

    (if your network carrier provides this service)

  • Video 4. Answer Requests

    Find Your Schedule

  • Video 5. Locate: Lessons

    The Friendship Craft

    Bible Story or Worship Videos

    Practice Track/Audio Files

  • Video 6. Set Scheduling Preferences

    Block Out Dates

    Currently, you can only set your scheduling preferences online. 

    Set preferences for the following reasons:

    Serve only during a specific service

    Serve during the same service/date with a specific family member/s

    Block out the dates you will be unavailable

  • Video 7. Set Block out Dates

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  • Video 8. Delete Block Out Dates

    Edit Your Profile

    Receive Text Notifications

    (if your network carrier provides this service)

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  • Video 9. How to know if you're getting our emails

    A lot of people tell us that they're just not sure if they're really getting all of our emails asking them to serve.

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  • Video 10. Advanced App Navigation

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